Find Home Goods That Make a Statement

Browse through my antique furniture and unique items

Are you looking for something that will set your home’s interior apart from the rest? Does your house lack that one item that makes a statement or tells a story? Shawn Reneé Interiors carries an array of items to enhance your home’s décor, including:

Antique Furniture
Vintage clothing and Jewelry

I carry a variety of pieces, handpicked from all over so that they are able to cater to everyone's needs. Visit Shawn Reneé Interiors today to find a unique item for your home.

5 reasons to include a unique item to your home’s décor

Fun and stylish items can add a special touch to your living space. There are various reasons to include a unique item in your home’s décor. You can:

1. Make a big statement with a piece you'll pass on to your family
2. Mix up the modern, antique, and vintage to make a eclectic look
3. Timeless pieces that enhances your home’s interior
4. A variety of items that can make a focal point for a room
5. Make every room in your home a place you never want to leave

I'm happy to help you choose the right item for your home. I'd also love to assist you with decorating and creating an eye-catching room. Talk to me about your interior decorating needs today.

My energetic spirit fuels the beauty of my store

As a little girl, I loved moving things around in my grandmother's home and redecorating rooms. As I got older, it became evident that this passion was something that would never go away. I created Shawn Renee' Interior and started doing it as a hobby. There was a point in my life when I realized that I wanted more so I decided to open my store. When you do what you love, you don't work another day in your life. Shawn Reneé Interiors has a little bit of something for everyone. You'll find items you can't live without of in my shop. Shop for antique furniture, vintage collectibles, unique one of a kind items that will make a feast for thee eye.